Sunday, 12 September 2010

Joy of life

Gorgeous weather today, fresh and clear, and warm in the sunshine. At Lydden (what a place, scatter my ashes there please) all kinds of wildlife shone with the joys of life.
Six (yes) Common Buzzards circled overhead, then swooped on something on the hillside before returning to the woods to the west. Fortunately the slightly larger camera had been left behind, so time wasn't wasted trying to get closer views.
I assume that the birds weren't interested in the large number of fungi of numerous varieties scattered across parts of the downs. They made me think of Tolkein's Shire, and it's easy to believe the old tales of elves and witchcraft that are linked to them.

The show of Devil's Bit Scabious flowers still has a way to go before they are at their best, but at least the sunshine brought out the insects to enjoy them. Go on, click on the photo - you know I want you to!
There are still some Adonis Blues flying, although the males are looking tatty and faded now.
Mile-high club............?

Variety was provided by Small Coppers and a few Silver-Spotted Skippers.
A self-found pleasure was the discovery of some tiny Basil-Thyme plants in one of the less-visited areas, and more visceral enjoyment was derived from the now-juicy and sweet blackberries.


Anonymous said...

We must have been there at the same time! Saw three buzzards circling high up and marvelled at the DB scabious,among which we found autumn lady's tresses. Lydden is a small piece of heaven on earth.

Kingsdowner said...

It's lovely isn't it?
At this time of the year I favour the northern (Lydden) part and yesterday I saw not another soul.
No Autumn Lady's Tresses there though.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Didn't realise that Devilsbit Scabious grew that tall in your part of the world .
Bit greedy with the Buzzards .
I agree , the blackberries are perfect just now .

Warren Baker said...

I did want to, and so i did, a great shot of the Bee and scabious Steve