Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nighttime - all the time

It's dark when I leave for work........ then it's dark when I return. [Retired readers will just have to image this, if they can't remember how bad it was].

The only wildlife I see during the week are moths that fly indoors during this unusually warm spell, like the one above that might be a Feathered Thorn, nicely posed on the food mixer.

So I'll resort to trawling the net for entertainment:

I remember seeing footage of Umbrella Herons in my early days, and their behaviour was so unusual that it made me actually think of 'behaviour' - instead of doing the things that birds usually did, like pecking around randomly, they were clearly following a precise strategy. This then got me thinking (slowly and laboriously) that other birds carry out activities that are more deliberate than had previously been apparent.
I'm not saying I was advanced in this line of thinking, just that the Umbrella Bird made me think differently.

Similarly, an early stay in Singapore taught me that birds (in this case Mynah birds) can talk, which is a skill that had been honed by Lyrebirds.


Warren Baker said...

:-) very amusing :-)

Greenie said...

Steve ,
I can't imagine who you are referring to in your post .
As for me , it dark when I go out volunteering and still dark when I get back .
I haven't even had time to trawl the net for any funny clips , but that's the difference between volunteers and workers .
Great idea getting the moths to do the cooking whilst you're out .
Really enjoyed the Lyre bird clip .

Kingsdowner said...

Not only you Fred...... and I know you regularly put in a good shift.

Mary said...

LOL! I love that Umbrella Heron.