Thursday, 30 December 2010

That Was the Year That Was

Back in January, I listed 20 things to do before.... well, soon anyway.

Four of the twenty were achieved:

  • Watch the waders at high tide at Snettisham

  • Visit Ranscombe Farm in north Kent for Corncockles and Cornflowers, Cudweed and Ground Pine (failed to find the Ground Pine tho')

  • Find a Late Spider Orchid on the downs, and

  • Visit a place I know where Fly Orchids flower, but for once at the right time.

So that's a good start to the list, and hopefully a few trips around Britain this year should tick off a few more (where are those blasted shearwaters?).

What else did I see this year?

Some glorious birds .....

.... lovely butterflies and some beautiful flowers........

I also met some great people, but I've not got photos of them.

What will 2011 bring? Perhaps I should add some more lines to my to-do list, to bring it back up to twenty again, because it would be damaging to reach the end of the list and have nothing to look forward to.

How about trying to see Great Bustards, Large Blues and Cirl Buntings in the West Country for a start? That would be good.

May the new year be good for my readers, and for those writers whose blogs I enjoy. I hope you realise how much pleasure you give.


Dylan Wrathall said...


Have a great 2011 - whatever you choose to add to that "to do" list. All the best & Happy New Year - Dyl

Warren Baker said...

Your blog is always interesting Steve.
Enjoy 2011, and get ticking the items off that to do list :-)

Phil Smith said...

Happy new year steve the large blue and cirl buntings came off my things to see list this year,well worth the effort.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Well done on the four things that you wanted to do before....
I found Ground Pine at Bredhurst a couple of years ago , if it's still there on my next visit I'll let you know .
As for your last sentence , you do exactly the same for us .
All the best for a happy and healthy 2011 .

abbey meadows said...

It's been a delight following your blog through the year. Keep making me jealous with your plants and butterflies throughout 2011...all the best...