Saturday, 19 March 2011

A glorious day

A glorious day, Calooh Callay, with unbroken sunshine from dawn till dusk apart from brief incursions of a chilling sea fret.
Insects were buzzing, the new season's flowers were blooming and all was well with this small corner of the world.
Two peregrines chased along the cliff-edge and three Brents bobbed about at the foot of the cliffs looking suspiciously pale, but it was probably the light.
Some of the Bockhillers were out early, and reported "From 06:30-10:30 in a light NW there was a movement N of 6752 Chaffinches, 8 Bramblings, 35 Linnets, 68 Siskins......" etc. Or maybe it was 6753. Anyway, it was an impressive stream of the chirruping ones, and the movement continued through the day as I worked in the garden.
A few siskins landed in one of the trees for a quick feed, while one took up a singing post for rather longer. Looking for it, I saw the unmistakable orange of a brambling, my first for over a year and a first for the garden.

New bloomers included speedwell and fumitory - common field and common ramping, perhaps?
The day ended as it had begun, with a bright object rising from the sea in the east, with the lights of Calais twinkling below, and the chaffinches are probably still flying overhead.

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