Monday, 25 April 2011

The story of the weekend

The hot inland air was choked with pollen, without the relief of any rain. The wind cooled the coast, however, to a pleasant temperature although the sun shone throughout.
Fifteen spikes of Early Spider Orchid have appeared on the rifle range, although none yet near to the road. These numbers are nothing compared with Samphire Hoe or Langdon cliffs, but I'm proud of them.
Green-winged Orchids are up at Sandwich Bay, looking sumptuous in the sunshine.
A tiny white Storksbill creeps over the sandy meadow.
These flies seemed to be everywhere, while Orange Tip butterflies have been joined on the wing by Small Whites and Green-veined Whites, making identification at a distance a bit tricky..... a good opportunity to compare their flight movements.
Much time was devoted to sitting in the garden, waiting for the Green Hairstreak to reappear, but when on the few occasions that it did, it didn't rest.
No early blues were seen (apart from Holly and they don't count) but a Dingy Skipper showed at Lydden.
Plenty of raptors were on the wing - ringtail over Worth and Common Buzzards galore, including this individual with a damaged tail giving an impression of a fork.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Good to see the Early Spider and Green Winged Orchids , must head to Marden soon for the second .
I always prefer the Early Spiders away from Samphire Hoe , as there they are just too robust .
Your 'flies' are a longhorn moth Adela reaumurella , as you say , swarms everywhere .
Well done with the Dingy Skipper , now for a Grizzled !

DOT said...

Hasn't summer broken like a clap of thunder? Was in London for the weekend and noticed everywhere everything was in full leaf without so much as a by your leave.

Phil Smith said...

15 is a bit easier to count than Sam Ho`s thousands Steve.

Kingsdowner said...

That may be so, Phil, but it still took me three attempts - accountants, eh?

David, it's been stunning! I hear that Brighton beach was packed on the weekend, so it must have been protected from our cool breeze.

Fred, thanks for the info, and having been dingy I now look forward to being grizzled.