Friday, 15 April 2011

That Was The Week, That Was

A random miscellany of a varied week....... starting in Suffolk where a social event gave an opportunity to stroll through the lovely Dedham Vale, where a Nightingale sang loudly by Willy Lott's cottage, ignored by the many trippers but not by us. Sublime.

Less sublime was the sighting of two Egyptian Geese by the mud of one of the many estuaries, although a large flock of Black-tailed Godwits helped restore some sense of reality.
Back at Kingsdown, there was excitement when a Black Kite was seen flying in off the sea over the cliffs, and then being seen circling over a nearby wood in the evening,
.... and more distantly I assume this was the same bird in the same spot the next morning. The next day, the mis-named Greater Kent Birder saw and impressively photographed two Red-rumped Swallows.

Bluebells are carpeting the woodland floor,
..... but dotted amongst the millions are occasional spikes of Early Purple Orchids, many still in bud......
.... but some in full flower.
Also in the pink are some of the countless Wood Anemones,

and a clump of large Common Dog-Violets.

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Greenie said...

Steve ,
Must admit my ignorance meant I had to Google 'Willy Lott' , but I had heard of John Constable and the Haywain , you'll be pleased to know .
Sound like a good trip to Suffolk .
The Spring flowers have certainly done themselves justice this year .