Sunday, 8 May 2011

Forgive us our trespasses

A few visits to East Kent woods looking for spring flowers, and there seemed to be a lot of self-imposed privacy. I'm a threatening presence as I aggressively impose myself on the landscape, malicious camera in hand.

A chap in a security company Landrover quizzed me, warned me of an escalating scale of fines for further offences, and then told me about his own cameras. Fortunately the land that he patrols has no obvious interest so I don't need to go there again.

Another patch of woodland near Coldred is protected by these all-embracing signs. It's a shame they didn't try a bit harder with the list of banned activities - how about picnicing, botanising, mothing, birding, dogging........?
Here there were Man Orchids and White Helleborines.
Wouldn't it be nice to find an area that has both Man Orchids and Lady Orchids?

The numbers of Small Blues by Campbells are growing daily - 12 seen yesterday, losing no time before reproducing as that's the meaning of life. Below is a tiny egg nestling in the cosy embrace of a Kidney Vetch flower.

Also seen....... 50+ Adonis Blues, a Grizzled and 5 Dingy Skippers at Lydden........

.... a few Early Spider Orchids and a profusion of Nottingham Catchfly over the cliffs at Dover.
After 40 days and 40 nights with no rain, we must be being punished for our sins. If anyone knows which particular of our sins has caused offence, please tell us so we can stop doing it - we need rain desperately.


Charlie Peverett said...

I think we should prosecute people who threaten to prosecute you for trespassing. The lying landed.

I've always liked to think of my own diversions from the footpath as 'creative'.

Great pictures Steve. We've just had a couple of consecutive nights of rain, hope you get your turn soon!

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Was able to match the WHs and MOs ,
but still way behind with the Small Blues . Best part of another month I reckon .
Re. Bird's -nest Orchids at High Elms , I reckon 100 wouldn't be out of the question if a concerted sweep of the area was made .
Your sin might be found amongst the extended list of banned activities .

Kingsdowner said...

Charlie, I like your reinterpretation of "creative"!

Fred, I've cut out the picnicing and have been blessed with some overnight rain, at last.

twisden said...

I tried my luck on an "open" footpath to Leeds castle when "Tone"was there,
was searched,CRB and genesis check .
Decided not to inconvenience them after they pointed out that their Met colleagues were trigger happy.

Warren Baker said...

Incredible photo off the butterfly egg Steve.

Oh, by the way whats Dogging ? :-)

Kingsdowner said...

Twisden, I suppose my view is to try my luck so long as a path is not clearly marked as "Private", then be humble if told to leave.
I wouldn't like anyone exploring my back garden.

Warren, it's meeting like-minded dog-walkers of course.