Sunday, 5 June 2011

At last the rain, but why on Sunday?

At last there's some proper rain in this corner, and I'm not complaining because the garden and the allotment badly need it, but why did it have to come on a Sunday?
So.... a few pics from the few hours of sunshine stolen from the working week......

Crosswort from up-county (not around here)

Lesser butterfly orchid found in a cute little nook near the beautifully-named Lynsore Bottom. We have some nice bottoms in Kent: Pratts Bottom, Otty Bottom and my favourite - Pett Bottom.
This road name is well-known to Kent naturalists, by the wood renowned for its fly orchids.

Common spotted orchids have suddenly sprung up but bee orchids are still awaited.... will this be one......... or will it be another late spider orchid like this....?
Butterflies are scarce at the moment, with the first meadow browns emerging, and a few common blues.

If the rain’s got to fall let it fall on Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday,

Any day but Sunday

Sunday’s the day when it’s got to be fine, ‘Cause that’s when I’m looking for plants.

If the rain’s got to fall, let it fall on Piltdown, Queensdown,

Any place but Kingsdown,

Kingsdown’s the place where it’s got to be fine, ‘Cause that’s when I’m looking for plants.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
It's amazing what spending long periods in the sun can do , isn't it .
Have you thought about visiting your GP to see if he can get to the Bottom of it ?
Never mind , when you retire , you won't know what Day it is .
Just don't let it get you Down .

Kingsdowner said...

That scans very nicely Fred, I'll hum it when I'm next out on the downs.
Incidentally, the Tommy Steele version that I heard yesterday on Radio 2 (as the rain came down) was "let it fall on Purley, Bickley, Bromley, anywhere but Romney...."