Wednesday, 22 June 2011


At Park Gate Down, the red clover seems larger and more brightly coloured than the usual strain. Is this a subspecies, or just a reflection of the glorious place?

Fragrant, common spotted and pyramidal orchids pepper the hillside, making up for the earlier dearth during the dry weather, and also, finally with a little help from my friends, I found a patch of musk orchids, tiny little things that are overshadowed by bedstraws, salad burnets and clovers. I counted 23 spikes, including many that were just emerging, flower buds first, from the greensward.
Also with considerable assistance, this time by Kingsdown beach, I found two moths which may be bright waves. My life is now complete.
Back home, the local tawny owls have succeeded in producing two youngsters who wheeze their way through the evenings, much to the noisy disgust of blackbirds and magpies. Last year it was just one, jumping and flying around the garden through the summer nights.

And on the stump, two little owls have emerged, blinking into the light. Photos of these fluffy little munchkins will, no doubt, follow.


Steve Gale said...

Yes Steve, it is indeed a Bright Wave. Can I now expect you to announce the purchase of an MV?!

Mel Lloyd said...

Musks fab. Never seen one. Jealous.

Kingsdowner said...

Steve, who needs a lamp when I've got rarities like this at hand?

Mel, I've combed every inch of the reserve over the years, so I've paid my dues..... next year perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
I think the clover could well be the zigzag clover. It certainly is at Park Gate, has a more intense colour than the red clover as well as a longer-stalked flowerhead and unbristled stipules.
Enjoy reading your blog,
Best wishes,

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Alf beat me to suggesting Zigzag , have also found it at Oaken Wood / Botany Bay .
Haven't managed a visit to Park Gate Down this year , yet . Well done finding the Musk Orchids , or were they Thistles ?

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks Alf!
Fred, it you turn up at Park Gate unexpectedly, just give me a call, as I work nearby.