Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Compromising positions

For the last few days I've been lurking around in a ditch near a children's playground, taking photos. [Alright officer, I'll come quietly]

I won't say why just yet, but it could be quite exciting if you like that kind of thing. [You've got me bang to rights]

While the jury considers its verdict, here's a few pictures taken in less compromising positions......

Centaury on the lovely Lydden Downs...... looking for Lesser Centaury without success so far. It won't be long before the downs are covered by the glorious Devil's-Bit Scabious.
One of the stars of Lydden, the Silver-spotted Skipper has arrived on the scene, with 13 noted.
No Adonis Blues were around, but that bright elusive butterfly, the Clouded Yellow was seen but - elusive as ever - eluded the camera.
Woolly Thistles have flowered, late as always, in smaller numbers than usual. Click on the photo to see the plant in all its glory - intelligent design with a Spirograph.

Two different manifestations of Narrow-leaved Bird's-Foot Trefoil..... in my ditch (above) all lush and spreading, and on the sandy shingle of the rifle range, clinging to the ground.
Also on the rifle range, a gravid lizard on a piece of felt that I put down some years ago.

And still on the range, Glasswort (known as Samfer in the catering trade) has spread since its first sighting there four years ago, and provided a tasty accompaniment to lunch.
Sand Spurrey

One of the young Tawny Owls in the garden. Noisy devil.

And finally, OK these beetles are in compromising position......


Marc Heath said...

Nice shots of the day, I had a single Adonis today at Llyden, some pics on my blog along with 6 Silver spotted Skipper.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
Too much information re. your private life on this post I'd say .
Haven't found SSSkipper this year yet , or Wooly Thistle , ever .
See you managed to wrap up the post with compromising situations at both start and finish .
Good luck for the BHs .

Phil Smith said...

youv`e obviously been on a diversity course recently Lurchio
keep up the good work.

jonhd said...

We met briefly, at Noar Hill, on Friday - muggy, & disappointing (the weather wasn't v. conducive for butterflies, either).
I mentioned the rather excellent Hampshire Butterflies website of Alan Thornbury - http://www.purple-emperor.co.uk/ - his latest entry in "My Blog" refers to a fairly fruitless visit to t' Hill, so we weren't the only disappointees(?). No Brown Hairstreak - "sightings (at Noar Hill) have been failing for several years", according to Mr. Thornbury. Sad.


Kingsdowner said...
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Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for looking at the blog and taking the trouble to comment. Noar Hill wasn't blessed with good weather when we were there, but the reports are concenrning. Nothing at West Grinstead either.

Phil, see you soon on the downs I hope.

Fred, sorry to offend your sensibilities, and

Marc, that's praise indeed from you... your pics are marvellous.