Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A pome

The returning sun was welcomed at Oare,
where Black-tailed Godwits were to the fore
(that rhymed, did you notice?).
For once, the visit was on a rising tide,
and the sun, in the west, was on the right side.

A Redshank was Spotted quite near to the road,
its eyestripe and plumage its identity showed.
(This is starting to get painful)

Avocets chased their neighbours around,
and Blackwits had bling that looked too loud.

A hop-garden nearby stored up two surprises:

Dwarf mallow, annual nettle.... and I think that suffices.

I promise never, ever, to do that again. I'm truly sorry.


Mel Lloyd said...

Although I am reeling and feeling quite sick
(Perhaps I devoured your blog pome too quick)
I’d just like to ask, if I may, ‘bout those rings
On the godwit, who you said was wearing some bling?
I know there are projects, to track these fine birds
To see where they go in their feathery herds.
So if you could tell us, blog poet, do please,
And I might not delete you from my list of blog feeds.

Greenie said...

Steve ,
When I saw the heading , I thought , he's been on the jungle juice or waccy baccy again .
Personally , I think the bit in parentheses after the third verse , should have come after the said heading .
The promise at the end sounded sincere , but , knowing you !

Kingsdowner said...

Shame on you Fred,
Not replying in verse!
I’m pleased and surprised
your complaint wasn’t worse.

I’ve sent, Mel, the info
about both the rings.
How could you suspect
I’d not do such things?

Steve Gale said...

Quite Molesworthesque, as any fule kno...

Kingsdowner said...

Well spotted Steve, like the redshank.

Mel Lloyd said...

So more of your rhyming in future we'll see
When updating us all on the ring mystery?
That thought makes me shudder, for poetry ain't
Your forte, and it may summon further complaint.

Nyctalus said...

Ouch mate, I'll vouch mate,
your poetry isn't great verse.
But don't get too gloomy
keep socking it to me
you can always find some that is worse.

I mean try...

Keep penning...