Sunday, 28 August 2011

Three men in a hut

Minding my own business in the Restharrow Scrape hide at Sandwich, watching a good selection of waders pass in front of me, dodging the showers.
There was a Greenshank, another Spotted Redshank (after the one seen at Oare in the week),
... and a Little Stint with a party of 10 Dunlin - the Little Stint looked slightly larger than the Dunlin, so I was scratching my head a bit.
Also a Ringed Plover, a Little Ringed Plover and two Green Sandpipers, so all in all a good showing.

Anyway, these two blokes came in, and the usual pleasantries were exchanged. I noticed that one had a namebadge saying "Duncan" on it (don't know why he was wearing it - an aide-memoire, perhaps) and it so happened that I had been exchanging emails with a Duncan about the Grass-poly at Fowlmead [remember the Grass-poly?]

Indeed it was the same, so hands were shaken and notes exchanged. He's recording stuff at Fowlmead and has found the stunningly-rare Fiery Clearwing moth there, and this is one of his photos:
After a polite interval, the other chap asked me whether I might be Kingsdowner, and after denying it for a while I owned up - it turns out he's been reading the blog for years, amongst other local ones, while ex-patting in Singapore. You would have thought he would have learned his lesson, but maybe he's hoping it will eventually improve.

So a warm hello and thank you to Ian, the other reader.

Also notable on the weekend, two fresh Painted Ladies,
one Sweet Scabious plant on Ramsgate cliffs (thanks to Phil, the junior botanist for the tip-off, to what is I believe the only site in Kent),
the emergence of Wasp Spiders,

and a showy Whinchat at Hope Point.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Must admit I was wondering where that headline was going , but it turned out OK in the end .
Some great species sighted on the day and love the Fiery Clearwing .
Bit worried about the Sweet Scabious though , isn't it a cultivated plant ? Meant to mention it when you posted it a couple of posts back .
BTW , what was on your name badge ?

Kingsdowner said...

Hi Fred,
My was wearing the I-Spy badge, as usual.
Regarding the scabious, it is indeed an introduced neophyte, although it has recently been lost from Folkestone cliffs "where it had been known from 1862" according to Dr Philp.
It brightens the place up!