Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hardly natural

Apart from an all too brief time at lovely Lydden, the weekend had hardly any nature-watching.
A visit to Folkestone's Triennial art festival provided much of interest, shock, thought and occasional beauty.

The Rug People, a tribute to the thousands of soldiers who left for the trenches from Folkestone Harbour.

Mermaid, with more than a nod to the one in Copenhagen. A fine addition to the beach, as is Tracy Emin's sandal.

The view from the excellent Quarterdeck restaurant.

Sea Monster, on the floor of the library. This is part of a series, and the accompanying text refers to a Carrollesque legend involving the Memory of Conchious-ness, the sea of Clarity and the streets of Onomatopoeiea.

One of the festival's seagull logos has been tagged.... that's the view of Folkestoners of seagulls.

The sign-writer would make a good bloger.

It's not in my nature to be an anorak, just a geek, but the sight of a steam train is always exciting, so we made a short detour in the rain to Ketchworth station to watch the Oliver Cromwell go by. My son, bless 'im, reckoned it would go past slowly, as his only experience of these things is the trundling Kent and East Sussex Railway.
When it appeared it thundered past, a roaring, steaming, snarling beast -
a brief encounter indeed.


Warren Baker said...

would you eat a burger in a place where they cant even spell it :-)

Steve Gale said...

What, no mouth watering rare plants!!.... You've become my one-stop shop for all rare things botanical.

Mel Lloyd said...

I like the Rug People. Where is that? And good to see you got some botany in there too with yellow toadflax and red valerian (I think?).