Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sea Carrot

I was sent on a mission to find a colony of Sea Carrot plants, under the lowering cliffs, beyond the cliff-falls, over slippery sea-steps, across the long boulder-strewn shingle beach.... it's tough down south.
A little comparative study eventually revealed the plants to be different from the far more frequent Wild Carrot.
Fleshy but brittle deep green leaves, hairy stem and umbels that curl into themselves less, and they are generally smaller than the main species.

Hopefully I'll be able recognise the plant in more accessible places in future ......... like on the rifle range where two Wheatears shared a sign post.

Sea Carrot reminded me of an old Jasper Carrot joke and I foolishly posted it here, but in the interest of good taste I have now deleted it. I hope that any offended Brummies and Millwall supporters will not hold it against me. Dylan please take note.

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