Sunday, 5 February 2012

Displacement activity

The snow dumped on us last night, and this corner seemed to get as much as anywhere for a change. Powdery snow drifted around leaving some places almost bare while others (including the roads) were deep. The patterns picked out the contours of the beach well as the wind whipped across it in the morning.
Buzzards and ravens have been seen regularly from the A2 around Lydden, and this week there's been an influx of more birds into Kent, with vast flocks of wood pigeons and smaller numbers of redwings and blackbirds, displaced by the cold weather on the continent - unfortunately it has caught up with them here now.

In Walmer Castle paddock a snipe was probing through the snow in a thinly covered area, seeking food.
The countryside has taken on its customary soft look in the snow, with flakes settling on every surface.
And on the promenade the photographers preyed on the photogenic phishing boats - Julie's my favourite, especially as she shelters me from the wind when seawatching.
In such cold times, there's nothing better than a warm pub to displace yourself to, and I can recommend the Just Reproach, the new micropub in Deal which brings a jovial conviviality and good beer to the town, which is already blessed with gems like The Ship and The Berry, where an impressive selection of ales can be found (as well as a group of birders, but don't let that put you off).

A link from the RSPB's Facebook page:
a Bulgarian birding site shows photos of a displaced bittern on a window ledge - that would have been a good Gardenwatch record.


Marc Heath said...

What a shot that Bittern is. Nothing like snow photos, they always look great.

Warren Baker said...

I'll pay more attention to my window sills now !!

How do you get that close to a snipe ?