Monday, 25 June 2012

Tri-Lizard event

It seems a good year for orchids, and I was pleased to receive reports of lizard orchids appearing in interesting places - a tri-lizard turn-up for the book*.
In fact the first was in its usual place, but for the first time in seven years. I can't find any other records for the species on the downs, but this one appeared in the same place that it was previously seen, much to the pleasure of the long-serving warden, Phil of White Cliffs Coutryside project. Clearly a credit to his management regime.
The other report was from a totally unexpected place - close to the beach between Walmer and Kingsdown, where I've certainly never seen them and there are no records from the past. My contact, the sharp-eyed Graham, tells me that he had seen one near St Margarets a few years ago, presumably near the Roy the Redeemer statue. Now there are two on the beach, some miles south of the flourishing population at Sandwich Bay.
In the grassland nearby.... 
Pale flax, which I couldn't find when I returned in the afternoon when the sun finally appeared - of course.

A single pyramidal orchid, and plenty of rough clover.

While on the beach the rare sea-pea seems to be doing well:

And a final piece of good news...... summer is now officially here, as the marbled whites and meadow browns have emerged into what seems like the first warm sunshine in weeks.

* I am informed that this is a witty literary pun - potty.


NW Nature Nut said...

So pretty. I posted some orchid photos that I took yesterday. They were growing in a very shaded coniferous forest. One I was able to ID with a field guide, the other I can't seem to locate. I tried a few websites too. They are so delicate and sweet.

abbey meadows said...

Lizards and Pale Flax, I'll have to head South! Pyramidal and Sea pea are rare up here now but Marbled White is in County Durham so perhaps just a matter of time for this marvellous butterfly.

Greenie said...

Lizard Orchids out , must be time for a visit to Lullingstone CP .
The Dark Green Fritillaries should be showing up there soon too .
Never seen Pale Flax and rarely Sea Pea .