Monday, 3 September 2012

Underwater at Kingsdown

May I pass on a link from our local neighbourhood good guys (Deal with It) about the proposed Dover and Deal Marine Conservation Zone which includes a short film of the wildlife just offshore.

If you can't see the clip, it's here:
The sea is characteristically murky and sandy, but although it's not the Great Barrier Reef there's some interesting stuff down there. To copy the site's text shamelessly .......

"The chalk platform extends across the shore and out to sea, with deep sand-filled gullies between tall ridges of chalk covered in seaweeds, sponges and anemones.
"Large crabs and lobsters find shelter within the chalk in recesses, while baby cuttlefish swim around the outcrops, demonstrating their amazing camouflage.
"Further offshore, the chalk gradually becomes covered in coarse sediments. Here, thousands of sandy tubes made by tiny ross worms form significant reefs which can harbour a wonderful diversity of wildlife and support the whole food web."  

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