Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Drellingore runneth once more

Three years ago, I posted that the winterbourne stream, the Drellingore, was running along Alkham valley.
Accompanying the photo was a phrase from Leland saying that 'ones in a vj or vij yeres brasted owt so abundantly that a great part of the water cummeth into Dovar streme'.

Unsurprisingly this year, one of the wettest on record etc etc, the stream has risen again (after only iii yeres), and has flooded the fields and Russell Gardens further downstream. At Kersney Abbey the river, now named the Dour, is rushing nicely too.

This reminded me of a film taken of two boys trying to canoe down the river Dour in 1969..... a valuable historical record of how different the town was just a few decades ago.

There have been reports of the Lydden Spout pouring through the chalk cliffs and into the sea at Shakespeare Cliff, which must be a good sight - has anyone seen it?


jelltex said...

I will try to get over at the weekend to snap it. Thanks for the heads up.

Phil Smith said...

hi steve
the lydden spout is spouting forth in a mighty rush has formed a mini grand canyon on the beach.see my last post.will we see you at sbbo tmo evening?

Kingsdowner said...

Hi Jelltex, thanks for the comment.
I look forward to your photos.

Phil, I couldn't remember where I'd read it.... I would have credited you if I had!
Maybe see you at sbbo or at the 19th hole.

jelltex said...

And its flowing again this year too!