Friday, 29 August 2014

The "A" word

I refuse to say the "A" word this early in the year, but it's good to see a new colony of "A" lady's-tresses on Walmer beach, about 30 of them where I've presumably overlooked them although they are right beside a path. 

The usual patch by the road is poor this year, with just a handful poking through, while up on the Leas a manic mowing regime has wiped them out for the season.

It appears to be a good year for "A" gentian judging by their profusion on Foxhill Down, Postling Down and the usual little patch in Kingsdown.

Continuing the comparison game, burnet saxifrage seems more abundant than usual, while small and field scabious are scarce - perhaps the former can put its head above the rich sward, while the latter cannot. 

I look forward to seeing the Lydden devil's bit scabious soon, as I have seen my first of the year elsewhere.

Another scabious that's doing well is the naturalised sweet scabious at the root of the cliffs by Ramsgate harbour - a harsh environment of concrete, chalk, pollution and heat that these and other opportunists are enjoying.

Hopefully it will be a good fungus year..........

And finally, it's Folkestone Triennial time again - always a good time. This sign in London struck me as hopeful.....

 ..... and a series of benches have been designed as books - which one is this one?


jelltex said...

I called Dover Council to make sure they did not mow the A Ladies Tresses in St Margaret's like they did last year.

Kingsdowner said...

Well done! There's an agreement in Walmer too, but it's a shame to see private lawns mown down.