Saturday, 25 August 2007

Life has a porpoise

At last, the cold wet weather has passed, leaving warm sunshine, and for a Bank Holiday weekend too. A stroll along the cliffs was needed, so I walked to my usual lookout at Hope Point.


A couple of young kittiwakes were the best of the birds flying south, but I was rewarded by the local porpoise slowly passing along the coast. As it's now a regular here, I expect it has a nickname?
Soon afterwards, a pair of kayakers passed by, presumably making for St Margaret's Bay - the older of the two looked like he was struggling into the wind - porpoise food perhaps?

Small Whites enjoying the warmth

A tatty Magpie

A view from the golf course towards the village


Anonymous said...

Speaking as the "older" kayaker I can assure you that I was struggling into the wind - and so was the younger one!

PS we turned back to Kingsdown just after seeing you, Steve.

Steve said...

It looked hard work, as the wind had strengthened - presumably you didn't see the porpoise.
Glad you got back safely though.

Tony Morris said...

Great shot of the Porpoise, I think there may have been up to six around last week, and one of them looked like a young one.