Sunday, 26 August 2007


This Grey Seal bobbed around off Kingsdown this morning, checking what was happening on the beach.
Grey seals have flatter heads than Common Seals, which look more 'puppy-like'. The Greys tend to be found more around rocky coasts, while the Commons prefer sandy shores, and consequently it is usually the latter that are seen around Kent, especially hauled up on the banks of the Stour estuary or on the Goodwin Sands.

The photos of Common Seals (below) were taken in September last year from a boat on a SBBO trip.

The NBN survey maps show the different sightings of the two species:- first the Grey Seal with a presence in (for example) Cornwall but not the Wash, and second the Common Seal, vice versa.
Grey Seal sightings

Common Seal sightings


Holly said...

Aww such a cute seal! Also very educational :p Don't get many seals up here in Bromley... xHx

M said...

amazing, i was surfing alone off a rocky point last night and a group of about four grey seals kept popping up and checking me out, getting closer and closer each time!