Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Autumn in Kingsdown Wood

It's a great time for kicking up leaves in the wood. And under the leaves are all kinds of fungi which, in accordance with my promise, I'm not going to name.

These look yummy, don't they. Probably kill you in a trice.

The October 1987 storm blew many trees over, as they had shallow root systems in the thin layer of clay overlying the chalk. The holes left by the roots have sometimes been taken over by critters - possibly foxes in the one pictured above. Another hole was occupied by bees as painfully recalled by my daughter.

Hawthorn trees......

...and Hazel coppices.

The Old Man of the Woods

Looking north over St Mary's church, Walmer and Deal's gasometer, towards Ramsgate where a ferry has docked..... and below, Ripple Mill.

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