Thursday, 15 November 2007

Rifle Range

A fiery sunrise today, with an east wind. A Peregrine was able to hang motionless above the cliffs, facing into the breeze, when not being chased by the local jackdaws.

A Short-Eared Owl (second of the month) flew in, setting the jackdaws off again.

Another surprise visitor was a juvenile Dark-Bellied Brent goose on the sea wall. It paddled around, desultorily grazing on the sparse vegetation, and at one point watched a flock of its relatives fly north.
A walk around Foreness at lunchtime produced another Short-eared Owl flying west offshore, a female Eider drifting west and diving, and a green-ringed adult Mediterranean Gull on the lawns.

Med. Gull and Black-headed Gull

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Warren Baker said...

Nice comparison of B H and Med Gull steve, Something that should be shown more in bird I D books. I am still scanning the skys for my 1st Med.