Monday, 3 December 2007

Comet Holmes

This incredible picture shows the Comet Holmes, currently visible in the night sky in Perseus , between the Pole Star and the Pleiades (Seven Sisters).

The photograph was taken by Mark Kilner from East Kent. Apparently, the comet's tale is not visible because it is strung out on the other side of it, as it's moving away from us.

Mark says 'Comet tails always point away from the sun no matter which direction they're going.
It's still visible to the naked eye, although it's not as easy to see as it was a few weeks ago. Binoculars give the best view.

Mars is also a prominent sight, rising in the east as the evening draws on. And (for early risers) Venus is a brilliant beacon of light in the pre-dawn sky.'

Mark's other photos are well worth browsing - his quarter moon is astounding:

This morning, the sky told us that the clear weather was breaking, and that the rest of the week will be dull and wet.
Red sky in the morning...


Holly said...

More great pictures...and desktop backgrounds for me!


Mark K said...

Great blog. You should get it added to the Kentos list:

And thanks for linking to my Flickr photos!


Steve of Kingsdown said...

Thanks Mark (and Holly xx)-

The blog won't be linked because

1. it's not only about birds (and over the summer it wasn't about birds at all because there were none here)

2. I'd rather not write it thinking that it was addressed to Kos members (lovely people tho they may be), and

3. my ID skills are not so good

Kind thought nonetheless - all the best (brilliant photos)