Friday, 7 December 2007

Surfin' Ramsgate

Surfin' Ramsgate doesn't have quite the right ring, but this guy had spotted a good break beside the harbour wall, and did OK - how do they do that?

Last week, the western coast of Ireland was hit by waves of up to seven metres in height, attracting surfers and tourists : "Roger Sweeney of Irish Water Safety said there were more cars in the popular surfing village of Lahinch in Co Clare than during the summer."

Having been in Lahinch on the Irish Summer Bank Holiday, I find that hard to believe, but this area has certainly become popular recently. When I was there, the calm weather was good for beginners, but the beach was closed for two days as a lad unfortunately died there.

In October last year, the highest wave ever ridden around these islands was just off this village - the wave is nicknamed 'Aileen'. Pctures of this year's 'Perfect Storm' are on found here.

Back to normality in Kent (albeit a blustery one), more usual sights in the harbour were the gulls, turnstones and a rock pipit.

Ring-Legged Gull

This Great Black Back seems to have a damaged back, so has to carry his wings - as often occurs, this handicap has drawn him close to humans for food.

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