Thursday, 31 January 2008

Opposite ends of the birding spectrum

A few observations from the birding world that is East Kent, on a day when the recent pleasant sunny spell comes an end......... there were large numbers of Gannets feeding off Kingsdown this morning - up to ten in the binoculars at a time, plunging into the sea in the relatively sheltered lea of the cliffs.

It was nearly dark, and wet and windy, but clearly there was a considerable movement of birds south into the wind - auks, divers, gulls and ducks - almost all unidentifable in the gloom.

But previously, when it was still sunny, I was pleased to see a Little Owl on the stump where at least two Little Owlets had fledged last year - shall we hear the patter of tiny talons again this year, I wonder?

And yesterday, a Jay sat on a gravestone in Ramsgate cemetary, watching me trying to track down one of the Firecrests there. Jays seem flighty birds, rarely staying to have their picture taken, whereas I've found Firecrests to be relatively confiding. In this case, however, the opposite applied.

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