Friday, 1 February 2008

Owl and Buntings

I passed the owl stump to see if the Little Owl was there - at first sight, unlucky!

But looking closer......Then to Sandwich Bay to see the long-staying Lapland Buntings. There was a female feeding a little way down the track....
...but on cue a male arrived at a nearer pile of grain and settled, within about 5 yards of me in my warm car. Its summer plumage is starting to appear, with a warm rusty neck, and it showed off its ring, newly fitted by the Observatory.
After a spell in the cold wind, checking to see what the gales had brought in (more auks and Great Crested Grebes), that was a pleasant bit of birding. This weekend will probably be the last opportunity to walk along the sea wall, as the fencing is nearly complete.

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