Monday, 11 February 2008

Gazen Salts

A short trip today to Gazen Salts nature reserve in Sandwich - a small patch of wet woodland with a few captive ducks including a Red-Crested Pochard, and the ubiquitous Mallards.

There was a light frost this morning, but spring has clearly sprung, with plenty of birdsong (although no drumming from Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers) and plant growth coming on apace, despite being only mid-February.
Catkins and pussy willow are bursting, and the daffodils in the gardens should be out soon - normally they would be expected to appear on St David's Day - March 1st. The Welsh spring has come early this year.


Sandpiper said...

Wonderful to see that it's spring there. Gives me hope; although there is a snow storm in the forecast for here today.

Great posting! The Red-Crested Pochard is gorgeous. I've never seen one before.

me and my camera said...

What a beautiful picture and duck, this Red-crested Pochard!

Mary said...

That Pochard is really striking! The flowers sure make me long for spring! Looks like a beautiful place to go.

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for your comments - the RC Pochard is a rare visitor to the UK (there are four on a nearby gravel pit)but reasonable common as a bird in wildfowl collections for obvious reasons (i.e. its red head).

As for spring, it's too early to count our chickens yet, but it seems that we won't have a winter this year (unlike you guys over the water)