Sunday, 10 February 2008

Rising tide

A favourite place for birdwatching in winter is Foreness in good light with a rising tide - the last of the chalk rocks are slowly covered, bringing the waders closer to the shore before they are forced to fly off to a high-tide roost.
In the lovely weather this week the rocks seem like a distant tropical archipelago (I bet Thanet hasn't been called that before).

This group - Turnstones, Purple Sandpipers and an Oystercatcher - seem to be unconcerned by the rising water.
It seems that the Purple Sandpipers are always the last to leave, as the final rock is inundated. For the record, we counted 9 (or maybe 10) in total.

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Sandpiper said...

It looks like you have a great spot for winter bird watching. I don't see a lot of winter waders around here. Great pix.