Sunday, 2 March 2008

Pigs and Enclosures

It's good to see free-range pork, as at this nearby farm which breeds saddlebacks. If I were not a long-standing veggie, I would be quite happy to eat free range meat, and would of course advise others to do the same.
I mean, couldn't you just nibble these piglets right now? Mmmm, apple sauce.......

There is another threat to the beleaguered British livestock industry, as (after all the troubles of BST, foot and mouth, blue tongue etc) the price of feed is rocketing, sucking in cheaper meat imports and threatening what's left of the British farmers' livelihood.
There's an online petition at to encourage supermarkets and consumers to pay proper prices for British pork, bacon and ham.
On another (land-related) matter, another part of Kingsdown's scrub has been grubbed up and the land cleared - not necessarily a bad thing in itself as I dislike scrub taking over chalk downland, but it seems that in this case someone is trying to 'possess' the land by occupying and 'improving' it.
Fortunately, the real owner (Cancer Research UK) has noticed, and put up a sign saying 'go away'.
In the meantime, I hope that the soil will produce a nice crop of chalk downland plants. Thanks whoever you are!


Mary said...

Mmmm...bacon! (Sorry, I'm not a veggie) That big fat one made me think of the Wodehouse stories about Lord Emsworth and his favorite pig :-) I hope you get the plants you want, and am thankful that it isn't going to be yet another stip mall or parking lot. I get very frustrated with urban sprawl as practiced in the USA!

Kingsdowner said...

Ah yes - the Empress of Blandings!