Monday, 3 March 2008

Spring forward

As the weather warms up, the early flowers continue to emerge. As a consequence, photography changes from trying to catch ever-diminishing birds flying higher in the trees, to bugs and plants which are nearer at hand.
It's just dawned on me why we're having an early spring this year - it's because Easter is so early! The Lenten Rose (above) is appropriately named for a change, flowering through Lent.

Early morning walks in the sunshine confirmed the recent invasion of Chaffinches, which seem to be everywhere - hedgerow, field, garden and woodland - but nary a one is a Brambling.

A good variety of birds were heard and sometimes seen....including Yellowhammers, Goldcrests (and a Firecrest), Skylarks, Meadow Pipits, the larger Woodpeckers and a Sparrowhawk.
On the sea were just a few Great-Crested Grebes and a solitary Red-Throated Diver. A Peregrine Falcon was again seen hunting along the clifftop.

It is clear from the exodus of 'garden' birds from the garden that the food supply has been augmented by bugs, an ugly example of which is shown below. Click on the photo for a real treat.

It was also good to see a Brimstone butterfly - the first butterfly in the garden this year.

Common Frog (aka Toad)

Red Deadnettle

White Violet

Only the Blue Tits remain faithful.


Benjamin Young said...

I don't think I'll be the last to tell you that your Frog is actually a Toad. Toads have warty brown skin and are more often seen wandering around than frogs.

Kingsdowner said...

Benjamin - on reflection it has the usual colour of a frog with the complexion of a toad.

Mary said...

Those Lenten roses are really beautiful...such delicate color. The white violet is beautiful, too.

Sandpiper said...

So nice to see all these signs of spring. I have Lenten Roses in my garden that I dug from my in-law's garden when my husband's parents passed away. Thanks to you, I know what they are named. Beautiful pictures, by the way.

Kingsdowner said...

Mary, thanks for your comments - they are delicate indeed.

Lin, coming from you that's a real compliment!

Sandpiper said...

Thank you. It was meant as a compliment. I always enjoy coming here and seeing your pictures.