Saturday, 5 April 2008

April Morning Summer Come Soon (but not yet)

April morning summer come soon
Clouds follow after
Morning sun is hidden by noon
Day shrouded over

This lyric seemed appropriate today, as snow moved in at lunchtime. To see which commendable album contains this song, click here.

Before the snow set in, a Sunday morning walk developed a theme of old habitations.
This flint wall and surrounding rubble was found in a copse in the middle of open fields, far from anywhere. There was a well, so there was presumably a farm or even a hamlet here at one time. What was their story, I wonder? Nearer the village centre, beside the path between Upper Street and The Avenue, a piece of waste land has perhaps the richest selection of plants in the area - happily recovering from the scrub that has now been removed. Some are native plants, and some are doubtless escapees, but one individual among the variety was this one. Perhaps someone can identify it?
In another area, there was a clump of another escapee - the appropriately-named Glory of the Snow.
And then the snow came down.......and although it may not seem much to those of you who have spent the winter under feet of the stuff, it's exciting to us who don't see it very often.


NW Nature Nut said...

Regarding the unidentified flower...see my April 4th post. I think its the same flower. I call it Silver Dollar plant (or Money Plant), Lunaria is the Latin name. If its like mine, its the plant that produces seed pods that dry nicely and look like silver dollars.

Mary said...

Very beautiful the bird on the yellow flowers and the well picture. And that snow falling on everything looks terrific! I feel safe enough from snow now, not to begrudge you some :-)

Kingsdowner said...

NW, I think you may be right - or maybe nearly so....I have your plant in my garden (we call it 'Honesty') but it's somehow different - and looking in the book after your hint I think it could be a perennial version. Or maybe it just looks different because it's growing on poor soil. I'll watch it to see if 'silver dollars' form.

Mary, we seem to get more snow in April than in other months here!

Mary said...

I forgot to ask...what is the yellow bush or tree that the bird is on?

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm catching up after a few days - I like your other interesting posts, too. Your spring is quite far ahead of mine here.

abbeymeadows said...

Found your blog from a link on Boulmer birder. Excellent photos. The mystery plant looks very much like Honesty but the leaves are usually broader. Check out the family of Stocks. Brompton Stock is a common garden escape but I havn't seen it growing up here.