Thursday, 1 May 2008


Tucked away in a seculed valley at the foot of the Downs, where the water that has seeped through the chalk emerges for form streams which run the short distance to the sea, is Frogholt. There are only eight houses in the hamlet, each trying to share a bit of the stream.

The purple sign marks this house out (rather unnecessarily) as a Historic Building of Kent. It has been claimed that it is the oldest cottage in the county, being over 750 years old.

The damp woods around Frogholt hold the usual hedgerow plants, like Greater Stitchwort and Red Campion.

It was good to see this Green-Veined White, heralding the beginning of the butterfly season!

Back at the cliffs, the Kestrels are still noisily mating, and a Common Whitethroat sings from the same perches as last year.


Mary said...

That house looks pretty good for being 750 years old! I love the name of this hamlet....I hope it has lots of frogs in residence. The flower pics are super and with the butterfly even better! Very nice post!

Anonymous said...

The house was for sale recently I recall...