Monday, 5 May 2008

More Early Orchids

After the pleasure of finding one single solitary Early Spider Orchid yesterday, Ian Hodgson at SBBO helpfully pointed out that there are hundreds at Samphire Hoe. But this one was mine!

At the Bay, "a record 181 Common Twayblades were found in the gullies, along with an impressive array of 458 Green-winged Orchids on the golf course" so I went along to have a look.

Green-Winged Orchid

Below are a couple of the Twayblades, which look like unassuming green stalks, until you look closely and see the little figures.

I think that this will be as close as I ever get to a Man Orchid:
Also on the estate was a patch of Rosy Garlic....
...and of the few birds noted were three pairs of Grey Partridges.


Mary said... had a great day and those purple orchids are wonderful! Do they have problems with people wanting to dig them up and transplant them in their own yards? The Twayblades are pretty, too, even if not as "showy". I like the Rosy Garlic, also....and the partridge! A super post full of lots of neat things! Go right ahead and be proud of your very own Spider Orchid....what does Hodgson know??

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for the comments Mary - I checked out the Early Spider this morning and it's still there and in fact has started another stem. Fortunately it's quite a retiring plant so people wouldn't see it unless (like me) they're staring at their feet!

Steve said...

So Steve did you get out to New Hythe? - love your Orchid pics btw. Steve

Sandpiper said...

These are beautiful pictures and I love the orchids. I've never seen them before. You had quite a day!

Kingsdowner said...

Lin, I thought you were having a break? Good to hear from you tho'

Steve - I got to the lakes today, and had a good walk around (nice welcome from a nightingale in the car park)

Spent much time looking for voles!