Friday, 9 May 2008

New Hythe lakes

It's a treat to be by fresh water at any time, living as I do miles from lakes, streams or rivers. To be by the lakeside when the weather's hot and the sun is strong is particularly pleasant, so it was a good walk around New Hythe lakes yesterday.
It's also nesting time, and the ducklings, goslings and cootlets were being paraded by the parents.

A Nightingale sang a welcome in the carpark, and various other songbirds were in good voice around the park, but I was surprised to see only one hirundine - presumably the rest are busy nesting at that time of the day.

I had a good chat with another chap with appropriate nature-watching garb - Trevor from the Isle of Grain. His patience (actually looking for water voles) tracked down this female Banded Demoiselle.
Back on the dry Downs,
Wall butterflies are basking on the sunny chalk outcrops,
and Yellowhamers sing from the ground

while young rabbits are everywhere.


Mary said...

So many wonderful pictures that I know I'll forget to comment on something! I love all the babies and that nest shot was terrific. How neat to peek in on them "at home". That underwater shot of the goose/swan? head was really clear and amazing. Bugs, butterflies, rabbits....all wonderful! Sure wish I had some of that sunshine!

Steve said...

Nice to see you got down to New Hythe Steve! Under alot of 'human pressure' but still get some decent species!