Sunday, 6 July 2008

Return to Hothfield Common

Frustrated at not seeing any Sundews at Hothfield Common last week, I returned. This time was successful, but only just, as I sat on the boardwalk to look closer at the Bog Asphodel and realised that the Sundews were dotted over the mosses, and were tiny!
The green stalks in the photo above are grasses, cropped by horses, showing that the Sundew leaves are about a quarter of an inch across.It's an extrardinary plant, carniverous of course, taking and injesting small insects.

Cross-Leaved Heath

The marvellously-named Enchanter's Nightshade. According to WN McLeod, a syrop was made from this plant 'against elf-sickness', thought to be caused when an elf shot a victim with small darts.


Mary said...

The Sundews are fascinating! Very good shots! Nice dragonfly as well.

Greenie said...

Glad you got to see the Sundews . Hothfield Common has been on my list for some time , but haven't managed it yet .One of the few , if not only place to see Keeled Skimmer in Kent . Two other good places for Sundew , Ashdown Forest and Thursley Common .

abbey meadows said...

Lovely shots. We have Sundews all over upland Northumberland but ashamed to say I haven't seen them yet.

me ann my camera said...

Your Sundew photos are great. I wonder if they are as miniature as the ones I had discovered last year? I was really very surprised at their appearance when I viewed them close up.