Sunday, 6 July 2008

Upper Street

Upper Street in Kingsdown is looking good at the moment, and the pretty cottages are enhanced by the roses and other flowers. These shots have been taken carefuly to exclude cars, of course.
This is the 'Old Straight(ish) Track' from Kingsdown to St Margaret's at Cliffe, with the lighthouse just visible at the end of the track. Another ley-line?

Greenie has exposed my shots of the Little Owls as being fakes, as they are pets nailed to a tree-stump. You got me bang to rights, mate.
This is my favourite, Archimedes, who I reckon was modelled on a Little Owl (or an American equivalent) with his critical gaze and monobrow.
The Sword in the Stone was one of the few Disney cartoons that dealt sympathetically with the original story - in this case the first part of Once and Future King by the brilliant TH White.


Mary said...

I'm a big Disney animation fan, but your little owls are much cuter then the animated version.

Anonymous said...

Upper Street is a nightmare to live on. Cars and lorries smashing into your houses all day long... we moved after a lorry nearly destroyed our place. Pretty, but avoid if you want to live there!

Kingsdowner said...

Mary, I agree!

Anon - I agree with you, too, and avoid driving up or down whenever possible, especially on a Saturday.

Martin said...

The council was totally ineffective in its handling of the traffic situation in Kingsdown, especially parked cars and the dreaded Upper Street/The Rise junction, where massive HGV lorries would frequently drive down and then get stuck.

The council would rather grade II listed buildings were repeatedly smashed rather than implementing sensible traffic schemes. They couldn't even decide to put yellow lines in the village! What a bunch of plonkers they are.