Thursday, 18 September 2008

Admiralty Pier, Dover

Has a stroll along the western arm of the harbour, or it should be promenade as the ticket office sign said 'Promenaders - £1'. Great views of the Dover Castle and the port, and friendly anglers which is just as well because the path is narrow, requiring much clambering over fishing rods and tackle.
The SeaCat refers anachronisticly to 'pirates' - in this case meaning the established companies that tried to keep Speedferries off their patch.
The pier is showing its age, but some of the ironwork remains attractive, if in need of some paint.
No doubt this would be a good birding spot in a gale - as it was, there were a couple of entertaining Kittiwakes among the gulls, as well as a Wheatear (no surprise there then), a Rock Pipit and a Whitethroat caught in the entrance tunnel.

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Mary said...

Even if rusty or lacking paint, the idea of standing on a pier, smelling the ocean air, looking at a castle, and watching birds is wonderful! I'd love to go explore the castle! We just don't have stuff like that here....wooden Indian territory forts, maybe...Castles, no. The flight shots are really good. I find it hard to catch birds in flight and these are really great!