Monday, 15 September 2008

Two in a bush

No, that Pied Flycatcher is not in a cage, it's on the other side of the fence along the undercliff.

Being protected from humans by a high fence, it was unconcerned, and spent time on the outside twigs snapping at bugs - it posed a challenge for photography though.

Then it was joined by another bird - a Lesser Whitethroat? They stayed close for a while, although turning their beaks up at the nearby blackberries.
There have been numerous reports of migrating Pied Flycatchers this week, as well as Spotted Flys, Redstarts, warblers etc and it's the second for me this autumn.


Mary said...

Love that last photo! How beautiful to see them both with those colorful berries....which look very tasty!

Tony Morris said...

Hi Steve,
the last picture is a Lesser and a Common Whitethroat isn't it?

Kingsdowner said...

Welcome back Mary!

Tony, do you think so? Another couple of pics added (but as usual they are as clear as an impressionist painting).

Warren Baker said...

Great pics of two difficult-to- photo species steve!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Common Whitethroat to me. I'm sure I can see rusty tertials on it