Friday, 5 September 2008

Eats leaves and shoots

As an antidote to the foul English weather, here's some photos taken by my daughter in China recently. It's in a reserve which is being protected for Pandas, who seem to be doing nicely there.
Rather a contrast to the bleak concrete of London Zoo when ChiChi was there.
My daughter reports that the bears strip off the bamboo leaves and eat them first, followed by the shoots. The phrase should therefore be 'Eats Leaves and Shoots' but that rather scrambles the meaning.

It relaxing to watch a Panda contentedly tucking in to a pile of bamboo - Zen-like.


Mary said...

Those are wonderful! We treked to Washington DC one year to see the pandas there, but they were not real cooperative for viewing. Nothing like these great shots that your daughter took. I'm glad you posted them. Pandas are just so "cuddly" looking no matter how big they are.

NW Nature Nut said...

Such beautiful creatures!