Thursday, 4 September 2008


While clearing out an old shed, I found this tin which made me shudder. The price written on it (4s10d) shows its age, and the slogan is quite correct - Flit KILLS.

Most of the text is right too, although the claim that it was harmless when used as directed is perhaps contentious.
Perhaps they should have added that 'the little bugs run and hide, but die later and are eaten by higher animals, so decimating the whole food chain.

That's all in the past now - or is it? A campaign to allow the use of DDT in the Third World to fight malaria, denge fever and other diseases is being fought with great intensity on both sides.
I couldn't possibly comment.


NW Nature Nut said...

Makes me wonder what stuff we are using now that claims to be "harmless" and "safe" and people will be speculating in years to come about what we were thinking. Aspertaine, microwave ovens?

Mary said... the "pleasantly perfumed part right?? Since you are to avoid inhaling it how would one know?? It even says to "avoid contaminating food that our food, or the bird's food? Yuck.....I hope you found a good wat to dispose of it, or put it in a museum :-)

Warren Baker said...

The truth was hidden then - and it's hdden now. old sheds are fascinating places though!!