Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Yeoman's Field

A new fence has been erected around a recently-cleared piece of scrubland at the end of Victoria Road. To arms, villagers! Phyllis, grab your pitchfork!
But hold on, what's this? Cornflowers and a host of other wild flowers, albeit in a scrubby state?
The sign on the gate says it's 'Yeoman's Field', Kingsdown's conservation project.
Reference to the parish council's website provides more information, about a five-year plan for sensitive protection, so congratulations to those involved.
Red Campion (hybridised with white to give pink)


Back at the seafront, there's been varied migratory activity along the rifle range (or the undercliff, which is a far better name and one I shall use forthwith).
We benefitted little from the aftermath of the winds that brought rarities to the north-east coast, but there were Red-backed Shrikes at Sandwich, and we saw mixed falls here too - albeit more common species like Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs, Whitethroats, Sedge Warblers and Robins (and that was just in one small bush), with Wheatears all along the sea wall.
The next day thay had all gone, but there was plenty of movement on the sea with a SE wind, the highlight being three light-phase adult Arctic Skuas flying together along the clifftop giving good views, but disappearing around the headland before the camera was ready.
There is a new flush of butterflies, with Red Admirals and Painted Ladies in greater numbers than previously this summer.
And we have a long-staying Common Sandpiper along the wall.


NW Nature Nut said...

Did you figure out what the yellow flowering plant was on your previous post? By the way, watch for a post on my blog featuring a small owl we have here. It was a treat to see.

Graham H said...

Thanks for the information on "Yeoman's Field". It's a relief to know it is a positive development. I've now purchased a new camera after my old one broke down. It's a Panasonic also (pure chance, not copying!), just a question of getting to grips with it. Flowers in the garden are fine, but birds on the wing... now that's a challenge!

Kingsdowner said...

Michele, still no joy on the plant....and still waiting for your owl!

Graham, I should have credited you with my finding Yeomans Field after your note about the 'other' planning application. I called the consultants and it all sounds very positive.
Re the Panasonic, it still seems a good choice - I wouldn't be without mine. Do I forsee a blog emerging from Maidstone?

graham h said...

You're very welcome Steve, and what an interesting idea!

Mary said...

You've had some great walks recently. I love the variety of flowers and I'm glad they are preserving that field.