Saturday, 13 September 2008

'An excellent day'

The Bockhill report said it was 'an excellent day' and we were pleased to meet Jack and some of the Bockhill boys on the cliffs. There was much visible migration as the light wind had turned to the north, and we shared some of their sightings including many dozens of Siskins flying north (mostly flying in dozens we noticed), a Redstart, a handful of Tree Sparrows, a variety of warblers including Reed and a very pleasing Lesser Whitethroat.
[Technical aside - if you pay £250 for a camera you might get this kind of shot above; if you pay a little more you might get these kinds of shots:....skill may come into it as well of course]

A mixture of seven Med gulls and twelve Sandwich Terns was on the beach, while a steady stream of Sandwiches and Commons flew south.
It was cool and dewy early in the morning....
...but warmed up into a beautiful day.


NW Nature Nut said...

What kind of camera(s) do you have?

NW Nature Nut said...

PS. I posted the owl, did you see it? Our Western Screech Owls are only 7.5". How big are your Little Owls? Or should I say how little are your Little Owls?

Kingsdowner said...

that's a nice owl - it looks bigger than you say.
Our Little Owl is 8½" and I thought that was small!
Canada seems a good place for owls - hope to see some next month.

Kingsdowner said...

PS I have a Panasonic FZ7 compact SLR; SteveR has a mid-range Canon. I think he's compensating for something ;-}

Mary said...

I think it is skill not the camera :-) Wonderful shots as always.