Saturday, 15 November 2008

Back home on the range

Ah, it's good to be back home on the range, where the weather is benign and mild. I've missed a load of rare birds (Desert Wheatear, Siberian Stonechat, Red-Flanked Bluetail and a very popular Green Heron) but they've all passed on or passed away now, leaving the regular autumn cast.
The female Kestrel was active with some prey - it appears to be a bat.
The male looked on with distain, or maybe envy.
There were two Black Redstarts (a female above, and a more elusive male), a female Stonechat, nine Curlews on the rocks and five surprisingly-early-returning Fulmars.
A lone Swallow also flew over, and - if the current weather is a guide to the rest of the winter - it may as well save its energy and stay in Britain.


Rambling Woods said...

Love the kestrel photos....

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Mary said...

Beautiful Kestrel...such a lovely red color. Those are great shots of it. I like the one with the tail fanned and the light was so nice with the shadows and all. Sorry you had to miss those other birds....the Red-Flanked Bluetail certainly sounds colorful.

me ann my camera said...

Birds of prey, it seems to be their season around here lately. Today I saw a hawk in a bunch of alders surrounded by several squawking Blue Jays. I would have said Sharp-tailed but in size comparison the Hawk seemed much larger than the Jays, maybe a Coopers. Also today another northern predator has come to town, a Northern Shrike.

Your Kestrel photos are very colourful with wonderful action frames.

Thank you for your input on the Iceland Gull photos I had posted. It is a life bird for me. I appreciate your comments.