Thursday, 13 November 2008


I was pleased to record 31 species in or over the garden in Kingsdown in October, and then another 11 in the backyard in Canada - and it has to be said the North American ones are generally brighter.
On the left, a Northern Cardinal - on the right, a European House Sparrow. QED.
Even the female Cardinal is reasonably colourful, for a girl. Their winter range is apparently spreading north-eastwards, helped no doubt by backyard feeders.

This an American Robin (actually a thrush).

And these are American Goldfinches.

The Blue Jay needs little introduction, and no second invitation to scoff sunflower seeds on the deck - up to eight were seen at a time.
A Hairy Woodpecker.

And finally an endearing, trusting Black-Capped Chickadee-dee-dee. Canada's a great place for birds - I hope to return soon.

More pics from Canada are shown on


Mary said...

Did you pack up a crate of House Sparrows to take home with you??? Lovely photos!

Rambling Woods said... can take the HOSP with you.. LOL..Nice photos of familiar birds to me...

NW Nature Nut said...

I guess they are bright birds, but "the grass is always greener"...because your Coal Tit is to die for!! By the way, the Squirrel Buster is my favorite squirrel proof feeder. A Canadian company too.

abbey meadows said...

I have been enjoying your pics from Canada. I'm long overdue a trip across the water.

me ann my camera said...

Love the Jay in the birdbath!