Sunday, 5 April 2009

Arundel - a spring weekend

A lovely spring weekend away in Arundel was a pleasure. A nesting pair of Buzzards made many a glance upwards worthwhile, and the castle's stonework caught the light in different ways during the days.
The castle and associated cathedral dominate the small town, and this weekend brought plenty of tourists. Strangely, many of them seemed to be driving MGs, and it was great to drive with the top down again.
The most striking parts of the castle are of relatively recent construction - mostly Victorian like Warwick, Eastnor and a few others - the scale is stunning, though. Since the sixteenth century it has been the seat of the Howard family, the Dukes of Norfolk. The oldest part is a motte and bailey, which is early medieval.
The castle is placed strategically on the river Arun, the influence of which is all around, creating good habitats for birds and other animals, especially Water Voles.
The surrounding wetlands provide a home for a huge variety of wildlife, of which more anon. Here's a taster....

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Mary said...

I would love to live near castles. They really dominate a view. Too bad America doesn't really have any. My favorite vacation will always be our trip to England/Wales to climb around old castles. That castle is very beautiful...both the old and new. Good shot of the water vole....looks sort of like our muskrats.... and the duck is pretty from that back view! My husband would like all the MG's...what a crowd. Glad you are having top-down weather!