Wednesday, 1 April 2009

But seriously though folks....

In view of the displeasure of some readers at the traditional Snake-whacking Day (or as PG Wodehouse calls it, Snake-chivvying) I shall desist from next year.

The slowworms and adders were seen at a reserve along the Darenth Valley, and I am again indebted to Greenie and John for their local knowledge up-county.

In the reserve, three types of refugia are used - felt mat, corrugated iron and clear corrugated plastic, and the adders were both under the plastic. This is reassuring, as I've put down a similar sheet in the garden to see what might be around.

Coincidentally, today sees the launch of a survey by the BTO and the Herpetological Conservation Trust, asking volunteers to report reptiles and amphibians in their gardens.

While on the subject of adders, the map below from shows past and recent sightings.

I understand that a Red-legged Herring Gull was reported from Maidstone yesterday - the first UK record unsurprisingly, since the main colony of this rare bird is on the Pacific island of s'Poofe (source: Birdwatching magazine). Good grief.


The Wildlife Gardener said...

For a terrible moment I was about to ask the Ranger to take you off our Blog Favourites! How could I have thought that of you? Shows how convincing the article was (and my lack of Simpsons knowledge.)
Lucky you to see such great reptiles.Nice pix. Our Holy Grail this year is to see some slowworms - apparently there are lots in Crowhurst.

Anonymous said... caught my attention with snake whacking day ...for a bit.. I was just thinking of my husband's reaction when I found this interesting little garter snake in the mulch under the hammock he was lying in. LOL...He got up so fast. It was soooo funny. He has a thing about snakes....I am still laughing about that one....Michelle

Mary said...

I don't think anyone took you seriously about the snakes :-) I love I feel like dragging out one of his books to re-read.