Sunday, 20 September 2009

Better pics than mine

This last few weeks have seen a good set of birds passing through East Kent, like the glossy ibis seen again yesterday at Stodmarsh, but as usual I've missed most of them (just don't try hard enough!). Fortunately, the intrepid Kingsdown Sherpa has been out and about, and is getting quite handy with the camera, as his Flickr site shows.

Dotterel on the beach at Sandwich

Ruff at Restharrow Scrape

Red-backed shrike at Dungeness

Somehow Steve has the charm to get close to the birds, or maybe it's something to do with the size of his lens - this spotted flycatcher is impressed.

Spotted redshank at Backsand Scrape

Curlew Sandpiper at Backsand Scrape

Kingfisher at Grove

And then of course there was the famous tufted puffin, which flew in, swam about a bit and swam out again, at Oare.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
I take it that the artist had just got back from the pub in the last shot .

Warren Baker said...

I think ill try that on a few of my pics!

Kingsdowner said...

Greenie - no, the artist was bored at work.
Sorry, that should read 'inspired at work'!

Warren - good idea, eh? It's what you might call using a 'ringer' hohoho :-)

Warren Baker said...

Your comment on my blog about a Raven had me scanning through all the shots i took! But alas they were all Rooks and Jackdaws......Raven would have been a Patch tick!

Mary said...

Wonderful photos! I like that Dotterel...very pretty and the kingfisher shot is great.