Saturday, 19 September 2009

So that's why

The beach was cleaned by 20 people, concentrating on a survey area of 100m of beach at high tide, then continuing up and down the coast (and around the trippers enjoying one of the last days of summer).
Each bit of rubbish collected in the survey area was recorded in detail, and I'll try to get the results from the Marine Conservation Society. While there were plenty of large items like tyres and trainers, the sheer number of small bits of plastic and lengths of fishing line was horrifying.
Oi, you missed a bit.
This is the piece of beach where the rubbish was in the previous blog - nice and clean now, until the next high time brings more. So that's why we did it - a little community service makes a great difference in your local area.
Amongst the detritus were mermaid's purses, the egg cases of rays, skates and dogfish.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
A pat on the back to yourself and the other people who gave up their time to clean up the beach .
Yes , more will be washed in , but there must have been a satisfying feeling when you had finished the task .
Well done to all .

DOT said...

I echo Greenie's comment.

Kingsdowner said...

Thank you gentlemen (and in Greenie's case that's a compliment from a 5-day-a-week volunteer)

By the way, we were on the Meridian News tonight, very briefly.....yay!

Mary said...

Great of everyone to pitch in to clean up. The results were worth the work.