Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Why bother? (2)

It all just depresses me.....climate change, pollution, species extinctions, population explosion, drought, famine, disease....whether you consider them on a world scale or in their terrifying detail, the sheer scale of the horror is numbing.
The particular problem on Kingsdown beach is the litter which sounds a bit 'Sunday Express' but in fact illustrates the plight of our resident fulmars that feed on scraps floating on the sea; those scraps increasingly consist of bits of plastic, which are found in appalling quantities in their digestive systems.
The north-easterly wind has swept large quantities of rubbish onto the beach, and the plastic can be clearly seen, mainly as bottles which quickly break up into small digestible pieces.

This Saturday (19th September) there will be another beach clean by locals in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society and Seafrance (details here).

When the world's problems are too great, start small and start local. Hey, that's not bad!

First year lesser black-backed gull

Seventh year great black-backed gull (my contribution to Dylan's gull post today)
Meanwhile, a bemused wood pigeon reckons it's spring. With robins, chiffchaffs and other birds starting to sing again at this time of year, you can understand its confusion.


Warren Baker said...

Your right steve its all a bit depressing if you think about it too much. Think local stay local your right again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eeyore (or Marvin - Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

These blogs are supposed to be uplifting, not as depressing as the 6 o'clock news.

As they said in the Life of Brian " lets all look on the bright side of life "
Finally you can rejoice in the fact that I failed to twich the tufted puffin ( at Oare as it happens)


Kingsdowner said...

Just I read your comments the pager went off.....
"Tufted Puffin.......still no sign"

Mary said...

I'll never understand how people can throw trash around like they do. What sort of mind does that? Don't they have eyes for what they are ruining?? I'm glad your group worked to clean it up.